Butcher Set Combo 3 Pack

Butcher Set Combo 3 Pack

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Any way you slice it, this Combo Set will help you be prepared for anything. This set includes a sheath, 6 Inch Swiss Army Boning Knife, and the Honing Steel Combo Cut, fulfilling all your blade needs in one fell swoop. The Honing Steel is perfect for when your blade needs a little more TLC, letting you hone your knives efficiently, with a round four-sided design so you can sharpen and polish your knives with both gritty and smooth textures. The amazing 6-Inch Swiss Army Boning Knife features a curved, semi-stiff blade with a pointed tip, so you can de-bone with precision. Although designed primarily for de-boning, it is versatile enough for skinning, field dressing, and general fabrication of finer meat cuts. The Bearded Butcher has carefully assembled this high-quality butcher set for all your meat-carving needs, so do yourself a favor and join the league of barbecuing experts today.

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